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When a man removes a woman from his life for a short period of time, usually three to seven days, during which he completely ignores all communication from her, because of drama she gave him. At the end of the soft next, the relationship resumes as normal. Soft nexting is one of the most effective tools in a man’s relationship arsenal. Soft nexting is impossible to use on a woman you live with. Women can also soft next men, but it’s executed very differently. (See: LSNFTE)

Black Dragon Blog

(Soft) Nexting - no longer initiating contact with a girl or setting up hangouts. If she reaches out to you, be amicable. Depending on the severity of the offense that warranted nexting, resuming the relationship at some point might be an option.

The Red Pill
(March 17, 2015)

Soft nexting is the best tool a TRP man can utilize. Veterans understand how powerful it really is. To a degree so did I however I used a soft next to initiate sex with a woman I'd never had sex with before.

The Red Pill

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