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Shit Test, or Fitness Test - A statement or question meant to gauge your level of Alpha traits.

The Red Pill
(17 Mar 2015)

Subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) tests women do on purpose or subconsciously to test men.

  • Typically a congruence test
  • Occasionally as a rapport break as a hamfisted form of flirting
  • More often than not women actually have pretty bad “game”
The Red Pill
(23 Dec 2014)

An example of a shit test might be the wife saying "you only want me for sex." The "You" at the beginning signifies she is fitness testing "you" and seeing how you react under the stress of her accusations. She wants to know that she married a man with a solid frame who can withstand the storms of life. She wants to know that you are her "rock" as she may be, at times, the ocean crashing in on you, the rock. She wants you to crush these tests.

The Red Pill

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