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Real diversity or true diversity is claimed to come from diversity of opinion rather than diversity of identity (sex, gender, race, sexuality, etc). The alt-right's use of the term is doubly fallacious:

  • Sex, gender, race, and sexuality, and other attributes often traditionally associated with "diversity" are mostly physical. However, each of these is highly culturally important and will almost certainly lead to different experiences of society, economics, and politics. These experiences, in turn, lead to wildly different opinions. Other attributes – such as religion – have a more obviously direct impact on opinions. In short: promoting diversity of identity is, in fact, intended to increase diversity of opinion.
  • The alt-right is hypocritical here. The alt-right virtually never encourages discussion with leftist thinkers – in fact, the alt-right generally encourages violence against liberals, leftists, and socialists. Ideologically, the alt-right generally believes in ethnostates – states founded on racial, cultural, and ideological conformity, rather than free expression and ideological discussion.

The alt-right usually uses this term when arguing against colleges, which are allegedly hives of ebil left-wing drones, or against "the media", which is allegedly filled with secret communists encouraging cultural Marxist groupthink.

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