On the Alt Right

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On The Alt Right


I’m gonna go to law school, and move to Washington D.C., and get a job at a thinktank, and…

The Far Right is your home!
Ariel, listen to me. The Beltway World is a mess.
Life on the Alt Right is better than anything they got over there

Your bank account’s always greener in some billionaire’s employ
You dream about going mainstream, but then you’ll be Murdoch’s toy
Just look at the blogs around you, here on the Reactosphere!
The dankest maymays surround you, why live in that world of fear?

On the Alt Right!
On the Alt Right!

Darlin’ it’s brighter, here where it’s Righter, and proudly white!
In the mainstream they just cede ground, will let the wetbacks stick around
While we are hatin’, thinkin’, debatin’, on the Alt Right!

Down here edgelords all are happy, as leftist buttcheecks we bruise
The Beltway cucks they ain’t happy, and that’s cause they always lose!
They purged Buchanan and Richwine, are cowed by the word “racist”
They’d rather lose than be seen on an SPLC Hatelist!
Nobody purge us, repudiate, urge us to go out of sight!
Smart Set” does nothing but retreat, can’t stop the sale of baby meat!
We can’t be blamed, silenced or shamed, on the Alt Right!

We got the memes here to make cuckolds scream here, all through the night
GOP insults its own base, trying to woo a hostile race
White folks are drifting, O-window shifting, towards the Alt-Right

The fash want to smash the monarchists LARP
HBD talk race, with facts they sound sharp
NRx is grand, Paleo-Cons bland
/pol/ warms the souls of trolls (Jews!)
Amren is great too, won’t touch the JQ
Nothing can compare to VDARE, it’s true
Just watch Ramzpaul on Takimag lol
See TRS (((echo)))!

…. Guys, I can’t decide what religion I should be. … Are you still worshipping a Jew on a stick? You should be a pagan. Cultural Marxism is a product of Christianity]

On the Alt Right! 

On the Alt Right!

When the shitlords assault their keyboards… you’re in for a night!
Cucks are just leftists from the past…
We want to end modern decadence fast!
Each little racist knows what the case is, on the Alt Right!
Each little troll here is browsing /pol/ here on the Alt Right!

Each little fash here knows how to clash here
Where there’s statistics known by autistics
We give no fucks here, there ain’t no cucks here, ont the Alt Right!

Jew on a stick