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A nimble navigator (or centipede) is a Trump supporter.[1]

Originated from the YouTube series Can't Stump the Trump mid 2015, where the track Centipede by Knife Party plays as the intro. The intro to the track contains audio from a BBC nature documentary in which a centipede is described as a "predator" and "nimble navigator", likening it to Trump himself in the context of the video.

It was quickly picked up as a meme by Trump supporters (especially /r/the_donald) and centipede became synonymous with Trump and his supporters. We're still waiting for them to realize that when abbreviated to "Pedes" it sounds like they're calling each other paedophiles, it's been over a year...

Rational Wiki

Centipedes A self-adopted term for some Trump supporters. It’s a reference to a YouTube series called "Can't Stump the Trump" that mashed up footage of President Trump in a Republican debate with audio from a nature documentary about a centipede killing a tarantula.

Katie Notopoulos, Ryan Broderick,
(March 3, 2017)

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