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Neoreaction (NRx) is the alt-right 's "intellectual" elder brother. NRxionaries cite "science"; alt-righters cite memes. Neoreactionaries generally believe that social order requires strong social hierarchies (so class, race, & gender equality is right out) and strong leaders (which often leads to neoreactionaries supporting monarchies). For a comprehensive rebuttal of (notoriously longwinded) neoreactionary writing, see Scott Alexander's Anti-Reactionary FAQ.[1]

  1. Anti-Reactionary FAQ by Scott Alexander (October 20, 2013) Slate Star Codex.

Rational Wiki

Neoreaction (NRx) in the smallest possible nutshell reads: Western Civilization is fucked, and we know how to unfuck it.

NRx is both critique and plan; diagnosis and treatment.

The Critique

"But America has so many problems! No she doesn't," says Mencius Moldbug. "America has only one problem: America is a communist country."

  • Western Civilization is drunk on hundreds of years of Enlightenment Kool-Aid
  • Popular governments (like democracy) were broken from the start
  • Political parties drag society into constant culture wars & political correctness
  • Political parties destabilize European countries by importing migrant voting blocs
  • Centuries of misguided moral crusades distort our sense of ethics & justice
  • Elites use minorities, poor, and women as proxy weapons to increase their power
  • Government depts fight proxy wars against each other that ruin foreign countries
  • Women are married to the state; children owned by the state
  • We've replaced millennia of social knowledge about marriage, community, & religion with unhealthy social experiments
  • Human capital is destroyed by bad economic practices
  • Ideological purity tests & signaling competitions damage the business world
  • Real technological innovation is slowing down
  • Politics has destroyed aesthetics and made it ugly

What's gone wrong? No one is in charge. No one's in charge because government by "we the people" is no government, but power up for grabs: Power as unguarded commons. This is considered by most to be a feature of democracy. But it's clearly a bug. The rich, strong, clever, well-connected, and shifty compete for it, grab it up often in the dark of night. Since it is insecure, it must be abused just to hold onto, or even get anything done.

The simple solution: Formalism. Put the political commons (final authority) in the hands of one trusted man who can rule by executive fiat. Trying to limit the power of executive—dividing it among contending parties—is the source of dysfunction in liberal democracies. NRx has a plan for a New Structure, one where instead of appropriating (stealing) it, we buy out all political power of the old with shares of the new.

NRXN Reddit

An alt-right ideology variation. As Rosie Gray describes in The Atlantic, "the alt-right can be seen as a political movement; neoreaction, which adherents refer to as NRx, is a philosophy. At the core of that philosophy is a rejection of democracy and an embrace of autocratic rule." A lot of the big proponents of this are popular on Twitter, and some of them are fairly ironic about it.

Katie Notopoulos, Ryan Broderick,
(March 3, 2017)

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