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Dear Normie,

Welcome to the Alt-Reality Lexicon. This lexicon of neologisms helps demystifying and clarification of language used by two prominent far-right online subcultures: the Alt-Right and the Manosphere. Translating them from exclusive jargon to general language. Both these groups have had significant roles in recent socio-political developments all over the world. From the election of numerous political right-wing leaders, right-wing terrorist attacks, the Unite The Right (Charlottesville) Rally and the Free Speech vs. Political Correctness-debates. These events all point to a shift in social values due to the normalization of nationalist and fascist thought. A viable opposition need to form to keep these far-right ideas from excluding and hurting minorities and women.

Every key point in the ideology of online subcultures is mirrored in their expressions, aesthetic, behavior and in their vocabulary. To gain deeper awareness of views of the online far-right it is key to be able to interpret their language. In order to keep conversation about our differences possible, the lexicon is meant as a door in the walls of the echo chamber. To open it up to a broader audience.

The Alt-Reality Lexicon If you want to be involved don't hesitate to write me at!


Keep up that status quo,
The Alt-Reality Lexicon

Hey Leftist comrade,

Neo-fascism, misogyny, and extreme right wing ideologies are cultivated and growing in online forums collaboratively by anonymous users. Offline (lighter) versions of the same ideologies are gaining seats in parliament all over the world. Conservatism is reformed with contemporary styles of (new) media-usage, propaganda, and focus of ideology. Right-wing ideology is expressed through neologisms in nihilist meta-memes and forum-posts which are rapidly evolving and duplicating.

To understand the online influence on our current political debate, communicate better with each other and form a stronger opposition, it is key to understand the language that the far-right uses.

In the coming years the far-right is going to offer different solutions to global issues like climate change, the refugee crisis, neo-colonialism and mass surveillance. We can not let candidates who support these solutions win elections.

In order to stop these ideas from shaping legislation, we need to recognize the lighter versions in political debate, and therefore dip our toes in this horrible content. You can do it.


Stay strong, love,
The Alt-Reality Lexicon

Dear Pepe,

Froggie, why so sad? The far-right has created quite the impassable forest of online subcultures. A semiotic complexity in which normies will easily get lost. If it comes down to it, these different subcategories are not that different at all. You feel threatened by either immigrants or females.

I understand it must feel good to be part of a group, to be heard and to have a place where you are accepted. I do think we as a society should discuss some of the topics you are writing, memeing and marching about. "Western Civilization" is changing and we need to concider how we are going to organize our new society. But it has gotten out of hand: you've lost empathy for anyone different from you.

The gap between your reality and ours has grown too wide to discuss and solve these issues. The (culture) war you are trying to start is not possible without an extreme disregard of human life.

In attempt to bridge at least some of the language gap this lexicon is, with the help of all kinds of sources, providing a translation of the jargon you created. As you already know the terms in this book, it is not created for you, but you might find interesting definitions you scroll past on /pol/.


Kek is dead,
The Alt-Reality Lexicon


Why an Alt Reality Lexicon? In the past years two online far-right groups have caught the attention of the public eye by influencing a couple of major events in recent history, namely Gamergate, Pizzagate, the election of president Donald Trump and the white nationalist uprising during the Charlottesville rally. The inner workings of these online subcultures could be considered quite hidden as they communicate via forum-posts, memes, blogs and on social media which all require prior knowledge to fathom. The language they use are full of neologisms and a clever use of language in order to dog whistle their stance. To get a deeper understanding of these groups and to break some of the echo chambers these ideologies are cultivated in it is key to understand their jargon.

There are different other online lexicons out there – the most extensive one being the Rational Wiki – but I found that none of them had everything. It was of importance to me to show different definitions from different sources for each term, so the reader would be triggered to compare and understand how different sources have different underlying bias. Also I wanted to create a lexicon which could be used as a database for further development of software. Therefore I started the Alt Reality Lexicon, in the hopes it can grow towards an extended, useful tool. To make that happen I would love more people involved who share my intentions. Are you such a person? Write me at!

Now and future

How will this project develop? This is a project created during the graduation period of the Piet Zwart Insitute in Rotterdam in 2018. After this period I left the subject for a while to reflect and regain the strength to continue a research into this topic. In 2019 I created a second chapter in the form of an installation: A Revisited Story of Decline, which was on show in the Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam from 06 September till the 13th of October 2019, and in SIGN Groningen from 07 March till 04 April 2020.

I want to see if a third chapter in this research on far right online internet cultures is possible via collaborations.I would like to automate the gathering of jargon via scraping and natural language processing. If you want to be involved, want to collaborate or have interest to show parts of this work please contact me (!


How can you navigate the lexicon? The lexicon is making use of the wiki structure in order to be available as a database, to be able to have a community of multiple editors.

The sidebar on the left helps to navigate to different pages on the wiki. You can find the list of terms under the first "Lexicon" tab. Click on a term to find out its definition, or navigate using the search-bar on the right-side of the page. Every definition has the link of the source of that definition and if available the date of publishing and the author.


Who is the Alt Reality Lexicon about? At the moment the lexicon provides terms linked to the Alt-Right and the Manosphere. Two subcultures who have created their own reality through strong ideology, identity and language. In the future more Alt Realities might be added.

The Alt-Right is a loosely-connected online subculture of white supremacists, neo-nazis, neo-fascists and other far right-wing subcultures from America and Western Europe.

The Manosphere is an online subculture which feels after three waves of feminism the pendulum has swung too far in favor of women and it has caused unfair policies and regulations, and a deeply unbalanced sexual marketplace. Read more...


If you would like to be an editor, don't hesitate to write me! We can set up your account and I can give your account the rights to edit.

New term:
After that you can add a term by writing the term on an existing page within brackets, save your edit and click on the link of the term you just created to create a new page. Don't forget to remove the link on the old page after.


Add a category to the new page so we can find the term in the index by adding:

 [[category: term]] 
and [[category: alt-right]] 
or [[category:manosphere]] 

New definition:

  1. go to the page of the term and click "edit"
  2. use the following template

|Source=  (the source, for example Urban Dictionary)

|URL= (the URL of the source of the definition)

|Text=  (past the definition here: cut it out of a larger text if needed, but determine how much context the definition needs)

|Time= (if availabe: the date the author published his or her definition, the format of the source can be held, if not available: x)

|Author= (if available: the original author of the definition, if not available: x)



If you are a developer interested in building a website, app, add-on, extension you can use the API of this mediawiki to query it. Please write me if you have ideas on how to extend the usability of the content by creating new tools, I would love to be involved!


  • 2020 MARCH 07 - APRIL 04: Publication "Alt-Reality Lexicon" and short-film "A Revisited Story of Decline" on show at SIGN in Groningen.

The exhibition shows both the book –reprinted with a new visual chapter and re-edited introduction– and the short film.

  • 2019 SEPT 06 - OCT 13: Publication on show at the Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam

An exhibition with a new chapter in my research on the far-right: A Revisited Story of Decline, an animated story about far-right ideology that tries to strike a balance between gaining some much needed knowledge about and creating unwanted propaganda for this fringe internet culture.

  • 2018 JULY 08, 13:00: Wiki Editon and workshop at Willem de Kooning academy, Wijhaven, 4th floor!

Do you want to become an editor of this wiki? I would love to build a small but productive community on this platform. There is so much information out there to be processed. On the 2nd of July I will start to open up the platform by initiating a small editon. Want to be part of it? Write me!

  • 2018 JULY 05, 19:00: Launch and presentation at Ubik, WORM Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This lexicon is part of the graduation expo of The Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam and will be presented during the evening on the 5th of July in Ubik, WORM Rotterdam.