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A faction that vows to avoid contact and relationships with women because they think women will inevitably treat them as “disposable utilities.”

Mother Jones
(January 2015)

MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way; the growing contingent of the male population who are saying “Fuck It All” to the Mating Dance. See /r/MGTOW

The Red Pill
(17 March 2015)

Men Going Their Own Way (abbreviated MGTOW, pronounced /ˈmɪg.taʊ/), sometimes also called the marriage strike, the marriage boycott, or the sexodus, is a worldwide social phenomenon and community of heterosexual men who uphold a personal philosophy which rejects gynocentrism in favor of a value system of male self-determination and self-preservation, and who consequently choose a lifestyle which avoids legal and romantic entanglements with women, including, at the very least, marriage, cohabitation, and procreation. A participant in MGTOW is called a Man Going His Own Way (abbreviated MGHOW, pronounced /ˈmɪg.haʊ/). In Japan, MGTOW monks are known as herbivore men or grass-eater men.

As Sunday Times journalist Martin Daubney has pointed out, according to Google Trends, interest in "MGTOW" has grown exponentially since 2009; doubling approximately every 12 months, it has rapidly overtaken both "women's rights" and "men's rights", as well as "radical feminism" in search popularity. It has been estimated that the MGTOW arm of the so-called "manosphere" is not only its largest segment, but also its fastest growing. Renowned family care activist Erin Pizzey has described MGTOW as "very powerful" and "almost epidemic".

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