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InfoWars is the primary website of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, launched in 1999, with sister site Prison Planet launched in 2001. Paul Joseph Watson, who has been working with Jones since 2002, is the editor-at-large of both websites.

InfoWars hosts The Alex Jones Show, the primary vehicle of Jones who has been called “the most influential right-wing conspiracy theorist in the United States today” by the Anti-Defamation League.

Both sites also contain “news” and commentary articles, many of them from Paul Watson. Much of the content of InfoWars/Prison Planet consists of conspiracy theories around alleged “false flag” operations carried out by the New World Order – a shadowy cabal of “globalist” elites – pro-Trump propaganda and attacks on liberal institutions.

InfoWars has received press attention for its links to Trump and his campaign. For example, it popularised the “Hillary for Prison” slogan in 2015, subsequently adopted by Trump and other Trump campaign points have been traced back to InfoWars by Media Matters.

In 2016, Trump backed up his claims that Mexico was sending killers and rapists into the USA with an InfoWars video and Donald Trump Jr redistributed an InfoWars article accusing Clinton of wearing an earpiece in the first presidential debate.

Trump appeared on The Alex Jones Show in December 2015, telling Jones: “Your reputation is amazing. I will not let you down”. Jones has claimed he “personally talked to” Trump to give him advice during his campaign and that Trump called him to “thank” his audience after the election. Aleksandr Dugin, the Russian far right philosopher with links to the Kremlin, also told Jones that he was a “hero” for “exposing the war crimes of Hillary Clinton”.

Guests on InfoWars have included Southern, White, Cernovich, Posobiec and Breitbart London executive editor and Daily Mail, Daily Express, Times, Daily Telegraph, and Spectator writer, James Delingpole.

According to the web analyst Alexa, the site receives 5,438,400 unique visitors a month.

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