Hard nexting

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Hard nexting - no talking to or seeing the girl. She no longer exists. Ignore any contact she attempts to make.

The Red Pill
(17 March 2015)

The opposite of love is not hate – the opposite of love is indifference. When your silence inspires more anxiety than any spoken threat, that’s when you’re an Alpha.

Learning indifference is the key to mastering the power of NEXT. Women are masters of indifference for the same reason Men with options (i.e. Plate Spinners) find it useful; they derive confidence from having options. Since women (in their prime) are the primary sexual selectors, indifference is their natural default state. It’s only Men with options who make an impact enough to rattle a woman out of this default indifference and fire her imagination (caffeinate the Hamster).

The Rational Male
Rollo Tomassi,
(19 Jan, 2012)

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