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A feminist who supports the hatred of men, female privilege, the culling/extermination of men, censorship of opposing arguments (facebook, Wikipedia, university protests of talks concerning mens issues, mass flagging on youtube videos etc). The term feminazi is a play on the words feminist and nazi as those who use the term believe there are glaring similarites between the two political ideologies and their methods of censorship, propaganda, fallacys, double standards and causing division. A rad fem said she believed men should be kept at 10 percent of the human race. I said she was advocating mass murder and she was a feminazi.

Urban Dictionary
sparty uafc,

A woman who, instead of supporting gender equality, supports sexism.

They think wearing a bra is letting men oppress women, they don't want you to say "Hey guys!" or "Hey girl!" to them, and they sure as hell can't stand men. There's a big difference between fighting for equal rights and just being a bully.

Urban Dictionary
ThatOtherOneKid ,
(February 09, 2012)

According to The Oxford Dictionary of American Political Slang, feminazi refers (pejoratively) to "a committed feminist or a strong-willed woman". The term is a portmanteau of the nouns feminist and Nazi. Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh popularized the term among his listeners.Template:Refn In his 1992 book The Way Things Ought to Be, Limbaugh credited Thomas Hazlett, professor of economics at the University of California at Davis, with coining the term.

Limbaugh has stated that the term feminazi refers to "radical feminists" whose goal is "to see that there are as many abortions as possible" and a small group of "militants" whom he distinguishes from "well-intentioned but misguided people who call themselves 'feminists'". However, the term came to be used more widely for the feminist movement as a whole; Limbaugh has used it in reference to the Feminist Majority Foundation, among other groups and individuals. The sociologist Michael Kimmel writes in Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era that the term attacks feminism by "phantasmagorically linking campaigns for wage equality, or safety from battery and rape, to the organized, methodical genocide in the Third Reich".

Limbaugh states that feminazis, as opposed to mainstream feminists, are those "who are happy about the large number of abortions we have" in the United States. The anti-violence educator Jackson Katz argues that "no such feminists exist", and that feminazi is a "clever term of propaganda" intended and used to "[bully] into complicit silence women who might otherwise challenge men's violence". In the second edition of her book Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, women's-rights activist Gloria Steinem writes, "I've never met anyone" fitting the description of wanting as many abortions as possible, "though [Limbaugh] lavishes it on me among many others".


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