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Fashy means Fascism-like, or to be full of fascism. Similiar to other slang terms like "jazzy" and "flashy." The term originated in the mid 2010's on various social media sites, specifically used by the individuals involved with the "Alternative Right" or "Alt-Right," an umbrella term for the political movement uproaring from the populist parties and politicians, consisting of tech-savy and right-leaning young people from various Western countries . Although the movement isn't always associated with Fascism, the term Fashy is still derived from that patricular political ideology. Typically the term is not used to describe the populist parties and politicians that the alt-right follows, although one might use the term to describe them as such, but is encouraged to be used only for fascist-centered ideas for the sake of scholarship that the alt-right demographic is associated with. A woman of the alt-right who is pro-fascism might say "look at these sexy Fashy men!" with a picture of men from Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany. Whereas an alt-right individual more in line with libertarian or republican ideals might say "censoring speech is too Fashy!"

Urban Dictionary
(July 12, 2016)

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