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Dindu is a contraction of "didn't do"; dindu nuffin is a contraction of "didn't do nothing". Both may be accompanied with he wuz a good boy or notes of requesting gibs ("gives," as in handouts or compensation). The terms are used as a noun to refer to black people and imply that they are inherently violent and stupid.[1][2][3][4][5][6] For example: "The (((media))) tries to portray dindu nuffins as good boys, but they have low IQ and enjoy crime".[7] The terms imply that black people often use these phrases to escape punishment.

Rational Wiki

Dindu Nuffin is a pejorative term that originated on /pol/ to mock and criticize black people during the numerous riots throughout 2014 and 2015.
The phrase "dindu nuffin" is derived from a bastardization of the phrase "didn't do nothing", a plea for innocence often used in reference to unarmed black men killed by police. One of the most famous instances of the usage of this phrase can be found in a comic. Detractors often use "dindu nuffins" to refer to sympathizers of the black community. The phrase originated on /pol/ around August 2014[1], during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri started as a response to the shooting of Michael Brown.

Know Your Meme
Mister J.,
(May 9, 2015)

A "du-er" of "nuffin", meaning a ghetto-dweller, who claims he "dindu -- didn't do -- anything wrong" (within sight of a security camera or, at any rate, anyplace within the last five minutes). Also known as a thief, a robber, a home invader, a rioter, a looter, a rapist, or a murderer by people with a sense of reality, the dindu is , nevertheless, relatively innocent by rap-culture standards.

The dindu runs when "scared", which defeats his purpose of not being noticed by the police, but never mind. Liberals embrace the dindu (in spirit) during afternoon BLM rallies but hightail it back to white surburbia after sundown. Nobody likes dindus. If you don't want to be a "dindu", don't steal stuff, hurt people, or otherwise act like a damned fool.

Urban Dictionary
(August 09, 2016)

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