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Covert Contract - An unspoken deal with terms the other party would never agree to. Most typically seen by orbiters trying to negotiate desire: "If I do a favor for her, she'll go out with me."

The Red Pill
(17 Mar 2015)

A covert contract is when you do things with the expectation of something in return, without the other person's understanding that it's a two-way arrangement.

It leads to horrible resentment because you come across as needy and rarely get what you want.

But almost all "nice guys" do it. I did. When they say, "I love you," in order to get that response back it's a covert contract. When they act needy, giving physical affection or buy gifts in hopes of buying affection in return, that's a covert contract.

Talk About Marriage
(Sept 16, 2012)

A covert contract is an agreement you haven’t actually made, but which you believe to be solid. Covert contracts occur when you have a plan in your head, some sort of trade, but it is never explicitly stated, so when it comes time for “payment” and it falls through, you feel cheated, but your spouse is oblivious.

Uncovering Intimacy
Jay Dee,
(22 Aug, 2014)

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