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Comfort Test - Similar to a Shit Test, but meant to gauge your level of Beta traits. Typically only encountered in LTRs. While not discussed as often as shit tests, a successful LTR requires that you pass these as well.

The Red Pill
(17 Mar 2015)

There is often confusion on the topics of Comfort tests and fitness test... aka shit tests. The most common way I see guys try to break it down to the newcomer is to simply say "comfort tests usually begin with her saying "I" and shit tests usually start with her starting with "you." For example: She may say "I feel like I'm sad lately." The "I" beginning signals that she is talking about her feelings and she is in need of comfort. How and when one goes about giving comfort is based on many different factors, such as the wife's personality, the husband's personality, the severity of the situation, the overall relationship... among many other factors.

The Red Pill

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