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"Chad Thundercock", the metaphor for the man who never had to study game to be attractive, is often spoken of as a "natural", but he's not. There are no "naturals". We all emerged from a vagina naked and crying like a bitch, covered in goo and with no game whatsoever.

No, what Chad has isn't an instinctive understanding of game. Nor is it such manliness that he needs none, for again, there is no such thing. What Chad has is confidence, and abundance, and a host of other circumstances that lead to what define Chad: Chad is a man whose life up to this point has made him relaxed and indifferent.

Chad doesn't have clever techniques for making Katie attracted to him. Chad just doesn't give a shit, because if she isn't into him, he'll give Brittany a call. Or Karen. Chad doesn't have nerves of steel. He simply doesn't get approach anxiety, because not only is getting rejected no big deal to him, whether he is attractive isn't a big deal to him either. Women are like firewood to Chad... if you want some, it's lying around everywhere... just pick it up.

Indifference is the key element of most of the game we teach here on TRP, and Chad serves as a good exemplar of it. But indifference game is not the only type of game, this is where Chad gets in trouble, because indifference game is the only kind of game Chad has.

This is why you hear all the constant stories of super-alpha exemplar celebrity men being chewed up and spat out in divorce court. Pure indifference game is increasingly ineffective in relationships, and indifference is the only card Chad has to play.

The Red Pill
(20 Apr 2018)

Chad's are people who float to the top naturally, by way of superior genetics, superior upbringing, luck, whatever it is.

But that's not ever really going to be any of us, because if it was, we wouldn't have found ourselves on here.

The Red Pill
(21 Apr 2018)

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