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Quick Definition: The act of actively disagreeing or breaking existing rapport with a girl, for the purposes of showing individual dominance and creating attraction.

Full Definition: Oftentimes guys get “stuck” in a set because they run out of things to say. Another problem is that the set goes “so well and smooth,” but no emotional triggers are being hit. One of the best ways to create attraction is to Break Rapport.

Like good friends do with each other, the ability to stand up for yourself and speak your mind is a powerful attraction trigger. It also shows dominance and the willingness to walk away. Most guys are afraid to Break Rapport in fear of losing the girl. However, the guy who Breaks Rapport shows that he’s not afraid to lose her subconsciously, which can be attractive to her.

Part of seduction is the seducer’s ability to see the girl for who she really is. This allos him to gain control of her by gripping her mind. Without knowing a person’s boundaries or where they stand, it is difficult to know someone. As a natural friend once advised me, “I try to see where there’s a chink in her [social] armor, and a glimpse into her personality. From there, something eventually ‘sticks,’ and we connect on that level going forward.”

Vince Lin,
(January 17, 2012)

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