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Amerikaner (a portmanteau of Afrikaner and American) is a term used in some alt-right circles to refer to (you guessed it) all white Americans (no matter their ethnic backgrounds) as having the same blood and ancestry.[1]
Rational Wiki

I’ve written on American balkanization, White nationalism, and Anglo-American identity before, but here I would like to bring these together and elaborate on the ideal of a North American White ethnostate and some of its practical concerns. Provisionally, I will refer to this as the Amerikaner Free State, because I am a fan of the Amerikaner neo-ethnonym and in retrospect think Anglo-American sounds too academic and less organic. Regardless of what sticks, what matters most is getting away from the anti-identity we are told to pencil in by the US Census, i.e. “non-Hispanic White.” No self-respecting ethnic group identifies itself primarily as non-x. We have to take control of our identity and consciousness before we can control anything in the material world, and we cannot do that if we are denied a positive identity, which every other group is encouraged to possess.

Daily Stormer
Atlantic Centurion,
(Nov 23, 2016)

Right now, a little white girl is crying somewhere in North America. She is crying because her people don't have a real name. She is crying out for someone, anyone, to give her Nation a name!

"Amerikaner" is an interesting choice. Despite the connotations it brings up with Boers and Afrikaners, I don't think it is appropriate, for the simple reason it still sounds too much like "American." It almost seems like some sort of negotiated idea, between those who want to throw the "American" identity into the trash where it belongs, and those who don't.

Myself, I think the term New European would be better, though unfortunately, it is associated with EU-shit. I often think the future White Nation-State would be named something like "Republic of New Europe," but I don't know what it will be called, and what we should call ourselves based on the name of the future Nation-State for our people. Until then, the term White Nation will have to do.

Reddit Dark Enlightenment
(Jun 21, 2016)

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