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The Alt-Lite (or Alt-Light) is a subfaction of the Alt-Right that wants to steer the Alt-Right towards more (read: relatively) moderate Trump-esque grounds. The Alt-Lite hopes to use this "moderacy" to "re-take" Europe with candidates such as Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders. The Alt-Lite thus hopes to abandon (overt) anti-semitism and racism, which upsets the conservative alt-right subfaction. "Alt-Lite" is both a pejorative against alt-rightists who aren't racist enough, and a self-description of the Proud Boys subgroup.[1]

The Alt-Lite is willing to embrace most other forms of bigotry: according to the Anti-Defamation League, the alt-lite "embraces misogyny and xenophobia, and abhors “political correctness” and the left."[2]
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Rational Wiki

The “alt-light” comprises members of the far right who once fell under the “alt-right” umbrella but have since split from the group because, by and large, racism and anti-Semitism are not central to its far-right nationalist views, according to Ryan Lenz, the editor of Hatewatch, a publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Members of the alt-right mocked these dissidents as “the alt-light.” “The alt-light is the alt-right without the racist overtones, but it is hard to differentiate it sometimes because you’re looking at people who sometimes dance between both camps,” he said. The two groups often feud online over “the Jewish Question,” or whether Jews profit by secretly manipulating the government and the news media.

The New York Times
Liam Stack,
(Aug. 15, 2017)

A play on the term "alt-right", the "alt-lite" encompasses conservatives and conservative media outlets which have jumped on the bandwagon of the alt-right by exploiting the growing market for "edgy" material. They will claim to identify with the alt-right or publish articles that align with the alt-right narrative in order to profit off of this growing demographic. “Milo Yiannopoulos and Paul Joseph Watson (Infowars) are members of the Alt-Lite.”

Urban Dictionary
(June 29, 2017)

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