Alpha Widow

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A woman who's past lover was an “alpha” male • May still fantasize or have lingering feelings for him despite being in a new relationship with a “beta”

The Red Pill
(23 Dec 2014)

A woman (typically but not necessarily post-wall) who has been abandoned by an Alpha male. No matter how great her new man is, she will perceive him as failing to meet the standard of the alpha she was previously associated with. Due to hypergamy, a woman cannot date backwards, once she gets say, a male 8, she cannot date below a male 8 and be happy with him. If she does, she is just using said man for resources (BB) and doesn't really love him. Essentially, a damaged woman accustomed to a tier of man she can no longer attract. See "Post-wall" and "Hypergamy."

The Red Pill
(17 Mar 2015)

This is what we mean when we talk about the consequences of unchecked hypergamy. Women fucking around with high SMV players end up with fucked up proprieties and a distorted sense of their own worth, and are no longer LTR material as a result. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the alpha widow.

The Red Pill
(11 Jan 2015)

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