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The sexual duality that modern women display where they pidgeonhole males into one of two categories - the "alpha fucks" is the attractive man that she will sleep with but will not easily commit to her, and the "beta bucks" is the unattractive man who will readily commit to her and provide her with validation and resources. Women want to sleep with the AF, but simultaneously want to acquire resources and validation from the BB.

The Red Pill
(17 Mar 2015)

Basically, Alpha Fucks are the Alpha dudes who are confident and are in complete control of their own life, the ones girls want. Beta Bucks are the nice guys who are providers for the girl, who usually get shit on at some point in the relationship.

The Red Pill
(14 Sep 2015)

Alpha Fux Beta Bux, also spelt Alpha Fucks Beta Bucks and AFBB, describes the phenomenon where females mate with alpha males but choose beta males as social partners. The alpha is used for sex while the beta is used for resources.

Pre-Marriage (or Co-habitation)
AFBB before marriage happens frequently in highschool and college where an aspiring girl will have sex with an Alpha who is obviously out of her league. Eventually realizing these Alphas will never settle for her, she looks for a willing Beta to marry her and pay for her lifestyle.

During Marriage (or Co-habitation)
AFBB happens during marriage when the woman returns to the carousel. These women generally believe that it is her human right to fuck alphas and therefore need not apologize if they are ever caught.

The cuckcolded Beta is literally paying all the expenses while the Alpha is getting all the sex.

Post-Marriage (or Co-habitation)
AFBB continues to happen after separation. At this point the Beta's paycheck has been garnished to pay for the woman's lifestyle. As such, there is no reason for the woman not to return to the carousel.

Significance to MGTOW
AFBB is a significant contributor to the MGTOW movement.

For alphas, AFBB reinforces their way of life. Why pay for the cow when the milk is free and the supply is unlimited?

For betas, AFBB prohibit themselves from pursuing marriage. Why pay the full price for a damaged good AND be held liable if the good is damaged (which it already was)?

Furthermore, it encourages betas to learn game and become a PUA. This allow betas to enjoy all the benefits of an alpha without having to expend the efforts to become one.

(April 12, 2014‎)

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