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See Cuck.

Rational Wiki

A person named Ally is smart, funny, loyal, caring, and generous. She never gets mad at people and is always smiling. If you know someone named Ally you should consider making her your girlfriend because people like this only come once in a lifetime. Ally is always giving and never asking for things in return. She has beautiful long brown hair and brown eyes. She may have a pale complexion but she will get very tan in the summer. Ally is the most beautiful girl you would ever meet. Ally is the most generous and caring person you will ever meet.

Urban Dictionary
>.< bunny,
(June 21, 2012)

An Ally is a girl who is unique, cute, loving and super pretty. She is usually SUPER crazy and fun to be around. She likes to make everyone happy, but secretly is very insecure about herself. Ally is single and all of the guys secretly love her, but they are afraid of rejection from her. Ally has a lot of interests and talents. Some people don't know what Ally is capable of, they think she's dumb; but Ally is very, very smart. Usually has blonde hair and blue eyes and she's very skinny. Ally is the best friend and the best girlfriend you will ever meet Is that an Ally? I've never seen one before! She's like the luckiest girl in the world!

Urban Dictionary
(November 23, 2013)

the perfect definition of an adorable being. could also be used as referring to someone as a princess. did you see that ally girl?

Urban Dictionary
(February 26, 2009)

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