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Commonly found on Twitter or other social networks, ((())), aka triple parentheses, are placed around the name of a Jew or person with Jewish ancestry and is often used in a derogatory manner. It was originally used by far right-wing bloggers "The Right Stuff" who explained that it was used to symbolized how Jews' names have *echoed* throughout history; also stating that Jews have facilitated multiculturalism and mass immigration in "white nations".

Its intended usage can be either disparaging towards the person in the parentheses (commonly used by alt-righters) or used ironically by Jews themselves or others who want to mock its usage, much like how Trump supporters have adopted the term "deplorable" to be a term of endearment amongst one another, or to signal that they are a Trump supporter on social media.

Alt righter #1: Hollywood is filled with a bunch liberal Jew elitists trying to push multiculturalism on the youth!
Alt righter #2: Shit, (((Steven Spielberg))) is gonna make a bleeding-heart libtard movie about "Dreamers" escaping their shitty conditions in Mexico by sneaking over the border and making a living for themselves in America!
Alt righter #1: Oh yeah, I heard (((Natalie Portman))) will star in that piece of shit. I know it will be trash. #BoycottSpeilberg #Buildthe Wall #MAGA ((()))
Urban Dictionary
Apollo moore,
(January 18, 2017)

Triple parentheses (also (((echoes))) or coincidence markers) are used to highlight those of Jewish or partial Jewish ancestry, as such: (((NAME))). Users of triple parentheses allege that triple parentheses highlight how much control Jews have over the world, which bears close resemblance to the "International Jewish Conspiracy" conspiracy theory. (Or: It's a convenient way to poison the well by smearing someone or something as Jewish, in a racist appeal to identity.) Nazi blog The Right Stuff calls these cases "coincidences" in which "Jewish surnames echo throughout history".[1] The hashtag #Cohencidence (which trended on Twitter for a while) is linked to the idea of coincidence marking, as a portmanteau of the word "coincidence" with the common Jewish surname "Cohen".[2]

Intentionally using triple parenthesis around one's own name (e.g. on Twitter) is sometimes seen as an act of defiance against the alt-right.

Rational Wiki

The use of triple parentheses to identify individuals of perceived Jewish ancestry or persuasion emerged in 2016 as an online dog whistle, employed by white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, anti-semites, and followers of the so-called alt-right to single out targets for online harassment.

Its use originated from a podcast produced by The Right Stuff, a white nationalist blog, in which Jewish names were spoken with an echo effect, meant to symbolize the actions of Jews that have "echo[ed] throughout history." Ironically (or astoundingly), the founder of The Right Stuff was eventually doxed by fellow-neo-Nazis who revealed that his wife is a Jew.

The triple parentheses are meant to represent the echo sound visually and are therefore sometimes referred to as an (((echo))). The triple parentheses have been used to harass and intimidate Jews and others with Jewish-sounding surnames on social media, and has been used by self-avowed supporters of Donald Trump's presidential campaign to target and harass those of perceived Jewish extraction opposed to Trump's candidacy.

Because most social media platforms' search algorithms disregard punctuation, the echo is difficult to ban outright. Despite pledges from Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and Google to crack down on online hate speech, use of the echo mark has proliferated. A Google Chrome extension known as the "Coincidence Detector," which added the triple parentheses to a list of common Jewish names, was briefly available and reached more than 2,500 downloads, but it was removed by Google in early June 2016 for violating the company's hate-speech policy.

In June 2016 the Anti-Defamation League recognised triple parentheses as a form of hate speech.

The motif has been adopted as an ironic self-identifier by some Jews and other anti-racists. According to tweets by WikiLeaks, which were subsequently deleted when they sparked outrage, this usage is a "tribalist symbol for establishment climbers" or a "virtue signal" co-opted by "neo-liberal castle creepers".


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